The .223 ammo rifle cartridge came into the mainstream in nineteen sixty-four by Remington. The needed brass for the cartridge was plentiful then and was propelled further into popularity by the invention of the AR-fifteen semi-automatic rifle use in the military. Different manufacturers who supply the .223 caliber cartridge cause differences in twist which make a difference in the bullets accuracy. The .223 ammo cartridge is a great teacher for beginners in learning bullet drop, wind drift, how to accurate hand loading and marksmanship skills.


Utilize.223 Ammo for Home Defense to Small Game


The actual diameter of the .223 caliber cartridge is two twenty-four despite the two twenty-three name and remains the most popular choice because of its availability, minimum recoil, mild report and cheaper price. The modern rifle loading has turned this normally small bore casing into a high-velocity round which offers enough power to hunt larger game at close range. Keep in mind that one is required to be an expert shot at close range to hunt the larger game such as deer and moose because the power level is more suited for smaller game and self-defense.


The .223 Ammo Difference from the 5.56 Ball Cartridges


Around the same time as the introduction of the .223 ammo cartridge, the military came out the five fifty-six ball cartridge commonly called the M-one ninety-three. Because the military regulates pressure of the five fifty-six millimeter ball cartridge using NATO standards and the two twenty-three ammo cartridge pressure is regulated by SAAMI is where the difference between the two is. If you have a firearm that is chambered to handle the .223 ammo only, you will have increased pressure problems if you load the five fifty-six cartridge into it.


Other Options to the .223 ammo Cartridge


The two twenty-three Ackley Improved cartridge was created by P.O. Ackley and has the straight sides, steep shoulders which are typical of the Ackley design. It creates five percent extra case volume, less stretching and faster velocities. The six millimeter PPC and the six millimeter Norma BR are both popular choices for competitions and hunting small vermin which are in direct comparison to the two twenty-three cartridge.


The .223 ammo cartridge creates a great affordable option for center fire rifle users and shoots far, fast and flat for maximum accuracy. Its uses vary by region from small critters, home defense and if you are an excellent shot even moose and deer. No matter what type of rifle or handgun you shoot or what ammo you use, you become a better by actually shooting so get out there and shoot.