The 22LR ammo is probably the most popular bullet across the globe. Each year, billions of bullets are manufactured and sold. And the number continuously grows each year. The long rifle ammo is the favorite among recreational shooters. They describe the ammo as fun to shoot because of low recoil, low cost, and moderate accuracy. The 22LR ammo is more accurate than the 22 short, and that’s why it is used in a wide range of firearms that include handguns, rifles, and even shotguns.


The 22LR ammo is effective to a maximum of 150 yards with rabbits, squirrels, and other small game. However, larger game may need shots at around 70 yards. While the 22LR bullet is less powerful compared to larger .22variants, you should keep in mind that it is still a rifle ammo that is capable of traveling long distances and doing a lot of harm. The 22LR bullet is recommended for small game hunting such as squirrel and rabbit. It is the perfect firearm training round because of the low recoil. Most shooters begin with a 22LR weapon before moving up to bigger calibers.


Short History of 22LR Ammo


The Stevens Arms Co. developed the 22 Long Rifle bullets in 1887. It used a 22 Long case and filled with a 40 grain RN bullet. It hit harder and shot flatter than any other 22 rimfire bullets, except for the 22 Extra Long. The only difference is that the 22LR ammo has a shorter case and was more accurate than the 22 Extra Long.


Since then, the 22 Long Rifle was adapted to both pistols and rifles. It became the go-to target shooting and sporting cartridge in the world. A High-Velocity version of the 22LR ammo was introduced on the market after the invention of the smokeless powder. This further made the 22LR bullet as the best ammo for small game hunting.


At present, the 22LR target ammo is loaded to a MV of around 1085 fps with a 40 grain RN bullet. On the other hand, a 22LR high-velocity cartridge has a 40-grain copper-plated bullet with a MV of 1225 fps. Small game hunters prefer the 35 to 37-grain lead hollow point ammo that’s plated with copper. The load expands at a good rate and results to faster kills on small game. The bullet can kill the game without damaging the meat.


Another advantage of buying a 22 rifle is that it is cheaper than the full caliber models. There is a wide range of rimfire handguns and rifleson the market today that use the 22LR ammo. And that’s why the ammunition is popular no matter where you are in the world.